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Thai Transplantation Society has long been an ardent supporter of The Transplantation Society and recently become one of its affiliated societies. It has also worked with various international organizations, such as the World Health Organization, to improve transplantation practices in Thailand, which has a significant unfulfilled demand for transplantation treatments. To date, 330 patients in Thailand have received liver transplants from deceased donors, while a further 30 pediatric and adult patients have had liver transplants from living related donors. The total number of Thai patients who have received bone marrow and stem cell transplants now exceeds 1,000 transplantations.

Kidney transplants constitute the largest number of solid organ transplantations being performed in Thailand, with 4,202 patients to date having received kidney transplants from 23 centers throughout the country. Fifty-five percent were kidney transplants from deceased donors and forty-five percent from living related donors. Currently, 400 kidney transplants are performed in Thailand each year. However, many more patients remain in need of transplantations.

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