Housing Frequently Asked Questions

The Official Housing Agent for the TTS 2016 Congress is International Conference Consultants Ltd (ICC). Please do not make reservations with any other agent offering rooms for our congress as they are not selling on behalf of TTS. TTS and/or ICC will not be responsible if the reservations are incorrect, canceled or of any other issues that might arise by using an outside company. 

Q. How do I book a room for the Congress?

A. Individual bookings can only be made online through International Conference Consultants Ltd (ICC), the Official Housing Agent for the TTS 2016 Congress at www.tts2016.org/housinginfo. For group bookings of 10 rooms or more, please contact our the Official Housing Agent at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Q. I have been contacted by email or phone to book my hotel in Hong Kong by another company than ICC. Are they working with the TTS 2016 Congress?

A. No, ICC is the only Official Housing Agent for the TTS 2016 Congress. Any other company or agent contacting you for your housing needs is a poacher. Poachers are unofficial hotel and travel companies who attempt to sell rooms on behalf of our meeting. Please note that we are not affiliated with any other housing company besides ICC. Please only book your rooms through our Official Housing Agent. If someone other than ICC contacts you about hotel bookings, please do not provide your personal information, especially your credit card number to them. If you provide your credit card information to one of these companies, your credit card may be charged and you might not have a hotel room when you arrive in Hong Kong.

Q. What are the official hotels for the TTS 2016 Congress?

A. A complete list of hotels is available here.

Q. What are the rates negotiated for the TTS 2016 Congress?

A. A complete list of hotels and rates is available here.

Q. What is the TTS 2016 Congress’ Headquarter hotel?

A. TTS has selected 2 headquarter hotels for its TTS 2016 Congress. The headquarter hotels are Grand Hyatt Hong Kong and Renaissance Harbour View Hotel. Both headquarter hotels are located within the same complex as the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, the TTS 2016 Congress’ venue.

Q. Is breakfast included in the rates?

A. Breakfast is NOT included in the rates but can be arranged upon booking.

Q. When is the deadline to book a room?

A. The deadline to book a room is June 18, 2016 for the two headquarter hotels and July 11, 2016 for all other hotels. Room rates and availability cannot be guaranteed after these dates.

Q. How can I pay for my booking?

A. A credit card is required to book a room for the TTS 2016 Congress and a deposit (of 1 or 2 nights depending on the hotels) will be charged upon booking. Balance of payment can be settled directly upon check-in at the hotel or with ICC, the Official Housing Agent for the TTS 2016 Congress.

Q. How do I get an invoice?

A. You can request an invoice at the hotel check-in desk.

Q. How do I verify my booking or make changes?

A. A hotel booking confirmation, issued by ICC, will be sent by e-mail within 72 hours of receipt of the completed Hotel Reservation Form and the hotel deposit. The confirmation is a proof that the booking has been made and the deposit has been received.

Q. Can I cancel my booking?

A. ICC should be notified in writing of all cancellations. Refunds for cancellations of rooms or room nights will be subject to various deadlines and charges. A complete list of deadlines can be found on ICC website.

Q. How can I transfer my booking?

A. Participants may substitute the names from the same organization provided that they notify ICC 72 hours prior to the date of check in and the period of stay must remain the same as the original booking.  In the event of no-shows, all payments will be non-refundable and 100% of the amount for the entire duration of the stay will be charged by the hotel or ICC.

Advantages of booking through ICC for the TTS 2016 Congress:

Here are just a few benefits you get when you book a room in one of the official hotels for the TTS 2016 Congress:

  • You help TTS keep the costs low for future events, which means you spend less on registration and travel.
  • You ensure that you do not miss any important information, as this will be displayed in the lobby of the official hotels for the TTS 2016 Congress’ delegates easy access.
  • You are centrally located. TTS has selected hotels that are easily accessible via public transportation or within walking distance from the Hong Kong Convention Centre (HKCEC). Enjoy additional networking time with other participants while commuting!
  • You help TTS build a history of attendance and therefore have more negotiating power for future events, securing more competitive room rates and better cancellation/change policies.
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