TTS Membership


Full Membership $140 USD per year
Trainee Member $ 70 USD per year
Associate Member $ 70 USD per year

Full members shall be physicians, surgeons, scientists or other specialists, who are actively engaged in the science or clinical practice of organ, cell and tissue transplantation. Physicians and surgeons shall have advanced training or equivalent experience in the science and practice of organ and tissue transplantation. Non-physicians shall hold a doctoral degree or equivalent, be eligible for formal certification in their respective fields as determined by the Council, and committed postdoctoral activity in transplantation.

Trainee members shall include individuals enrolled in pre- or postdoctoral training programs relevant to the science and clinical practice of organ, cell and tissue transplantation, and individuals who have completed their training but have not yet qualified for full membership.

Associate members shall include individuals who have demonstrated a sustained and continued interest in the field of transplantation but who do not qualify for full or trainee membership. Associate members must hold a Bachelor's degree or equivalent relevant certification and must have a minimum of two years of professional experience in the field of transplantation with continuing and active involvement in clinical medicine or research.


The principal requirement for membership is an active interest in basic science, clinical research and/or improving clinical practice in the field of transplantation. All members must display prior and sustained interest in the field.

All applicants must:

  • Accept the policies of the Ethics Committee
  • Provide a current CV with schooling, work experience and publications (if applicable).
  • Provide two TTS Full Members to sponsor your application (list available when doing the online application).


  • The opportunity to be part of the leading global network of physicians, surgeons and basic scientists involved in transplantation, representing more than 105 countries around the world.
  • Free online access to the Transplantation journal and free educational material on the Society’s website.
  • Reduced rate for the hard-copy subscription to Transplantation, the official journal of The Transplantation Society.
  • Entitlement for Travel grants for Young Investigator Awards.
  • Reduced registration fee at our international congresses.
  • Voting and nomination rights for the election of TTS Officers and Councillors (Full members only).
  • Substantially reduced rates for journal subscriptions.
  • TTS newsletter updating members about TTS activities in the transplant community.
  • Members from emerging economy nations are entitled to a 50% rebate on TTS dues.
  • Standard abbreviations may be used as follows: on first use, spell out the full term and follow with abbreviation in parentheses.
  • The use of tables, graphs and other types of images in abstracts is discouraged. Should you need to add tables and figures, you must reference them in the body of your abstract and upload a maximum of two images, figures or graphs under the abstract body box.
  • Topic List: Authors must select an abstract topic (only one) from the provided list.
  • The use of trade names, company identifications or product names is discouraged.

Please visit The Transplantation Society website at for further information and to apply.

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