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How Negative Statements Affect Our Lives

How Negative Statements Affect Our Lives

You’ve probably heard more than once that everything is in our heads, that our reality is created within us. And there is a reason for these statements. Let’s start at the beginning and define the concept of Attitude. Attitude is an unconscious inner state, a willingness to perceive and comprehend an object in a certain way and to act in accordance with prior experience. Often we are inclined to act this way and not that way because we have a certain attitude. Why do different people feel differently about the same situation? Because they have different attitudes. When we receive information and react to it, our brain forms a new neural connection, and the more often we have that experience, the stronger that connection becomes. That strong connection is our attitude. 

There are no people whose subconscious minds do not have attitudes. Absolutely everyone has them and this is normal. Where do they come from? It can be what we have heard, seen, the information we were told in our childhood. All the information which comes to us in the course of life, subsequently forms into an attitude. Not even the ability to say “no” to people is one of our attitudes. Everything is stored in our head. It is important to know and understand this in order to be able to transform negative attitudes into positive ones. Having negative statements has a negative impact on all spheres of your life, and it does not matter if you are working on the IT-Project, trying to build a relationship, or thinkimg about gambling strategy for Bizzo Casino

Transformation Of Negative Statements Into Affirmations

Transformation Of Negative Statements

The very first thing you need to do is to choose the area in which you are currently experiencing anxiety. For example, you are concerned about the financial area and your relationship with money.

The next step is to give yourself time (e.g. 3 days) and write down in your notebook any limitations; negative attitudes you have in the area of finance. For example, “big money means big problems”, “money is evil”, “money is nothing but misfortune”, etc. It is important to write down as much as possible everything that comes to your mind. Take your time, meditate for 3 days on the subject of money and write down everything that comes into your head. At this point, you should not analyze the phrases that arise in your head, it is important to write them down. It can be, not only your personal opinion, but also what you have once heard, read about it, etc.

When your list is complete, you are ready to move on to the next step.

The next step is to transform the attitude from negative to positive. Every negative phrase that appears in your notebook will need to be transformed into a positive one. For example, “big money is big problems” – “big money is big opportunities”, “money is evil” – “money is good”, “money is misery” – “money makes me happier”. When constructing your new positive phrases, do not use the “NOT” particle. Build your new positive phrases based on your own feelings. These phrases should resonate with you personally. You should enjoy reading and listening to them. You can anchor the phrases, further benefit and previous positive experiences from personal life.

After the new list is ready, go to the final step.

go to the final step

Those phrases that you have got will be your affirmations in the field of money. Affirmation is a short phrase containing a verbal formula, which, when repeated many times, reinforces the desired image or attitude in human subconsciousness and contributes to the improvement of psycho-emotional background and, therefore, positive changes in life.

The last step is the most important! It is necessary to have a little patience. Every day for 40 days (it is considered that the habit is formed within 21 days, but I advise 40 days for better fixation) repeat these affirmations. For example, every morning when having breakfast, repeat your positive phrases. Read them directly from a notebook, fix in the consciousness of the benefit or past positive experience. With conscientious performance and 100% regularity you will achieve a positive result.

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