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Subtle habits that regularly ruin your life

Subtle habits that regularly ruin your life

The habits that are with us every day shape our perception of reality, making life more difficult or easier. These little things bring us unhappiness and unnecessary worries, so check if it’s time to get rid of some of this list. 


Regular delays cause negativity in your direction, which will certainly spoil the mood and kill the desire to work. In a hurry, you can forget or mix up important folders, numbers and documents, all this will lead to the fact that people will not count on you or take you seriously. And if you don’t get rid of the habit of being late and putting everything off until the last minute, then someday the plane will fly away without you or that very last train will leave.

Learn to value your time and respect others, set alarms and reminders an hour earlier, understand time management. Over time, you will cease to be the subject of eternal discontent.



Small things constantly hanging over you lead to stress and loss of productivity, although it would seem that it should be the other way around. But if you brew coffee with one hand and sign an important document with the other, then there is a risk of spilling the drink on paper, that is, not getting either one or the other. Multitasking often degrades the quality of work performed, and takes a lot of time to redo.

No matter how much you want to do all the things at once, arrange them in order of importance and do them one at a time, because otherwise there can be no talk of quality work. When you watch something try not to press the 22Bet login button to play your favourite games. It will be difficult to do everything at once. Get rid of this habit, and you will feel how stress and fatigue will decrease.

Constant planning

The desire to foresee the smallest details of life is rarely fulfilled, because it is impossible to foresee everything, which means that your ideal plan will fall apart, causing you to suffer.

Try not to make too clear and detailed plans, it is better to roughly throw in the main points and leave everything else to chance. Then you don’t have to worry about sudden rain or a non-working restaurant, and pleasant surprises will happen much more often.

Comparing yourself to others

Comparing yourself to others

The habit of constantly comparing yourself to others takes up a lot of time and energy that could be spent on something more useful. Indeed, in any field, there will always be a person who is better than you, and if each time the result of the comparison is not in your favour, your hands will drop, and the work will stop.

You should look up to professionals, but you should not devalue your results just because someone else has them better. If you are growing compared to yourself, then you are moving in the right direction, so stop constantly looking back and slowing down your development.


The desire to bring the work to perfection is fatal, no matter how strange it may sound. If you constantly finish, redo and correct, then there is a risk of not getting a satisfactory result, which means not completing what you started. Perfectionism more often leads to a loss of desire to achieve a goal than to something truly perfect.

Try to adequately evaluate the result of your work, because the best is really the enemy of the good. You need to get rid of the fanatical desire to do anything flawlessly because it can greatly ruin your life.

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