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This is another creation of Zitro interactive, which innovates more and more. The company already has dozens of video bingos that have become a success in Latin America and the world.

The little fish bring you 15 different numbers each. They are composed of 3 rows and 5 columns. You will have the draw of 30 balls of the 60 that he has in his globe.

Here you compete with 15 different chances of winning. There are several combinations that guarantee good prizes. The largest of them reaches 1,500 times the value of the bet on the winning card.

You can also play for up to 10 extra balls. This is possible every time you need just one number to complete a good sequence.

The game also features a Z-ball during the bonus rounds. If you find the Z-ball, you can mark any number on the card. In addition, free extra balls can also appear.

Another possibility to win big is to take the game’s jackpot. This is possible if you complete a full deck with only the first 30 balls.

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How to play Fishmania Video Bingo

Fishmania Video Bingo

To avoid any doubts about how to play Fishmania video bingo, we have prepared a short tutorial with the most important instructions of the game.

First, decide how much you want to bet. Each credit has a fixed value of £0.10. You must decide how many credits to bet per ticket.

After that you must choose how many tickets you will play. You can also change the distribution of numbers by clicking on them.

The yellow flashing numbers on the cards are a good sign. This indicates that you are only one number away from winning with a straight line.

The game may also offer extra balls at the end. Buy as many as you like or cancel to start another round.

But practice is the best way to learn. Play free video bingo Fishmania as much as you want here at Blog and have even more fun.

Video Bingo Fishmania Theme, Design and Graphics

Fishmania Bingo

Fishmania video bingo theme is aquatic life. It brings you the elements of life underwater and invites you to go fishing for prizes. The goldfish are sure to help you out.

The game features a modern design, where the game controls are easy to operate. Moreover, its elements are well arranged on the screen, which makes this video bingo very smooth, even for beginners.

The graphics of this video bingo have very unusual and interesting animations. The developer has succeeded in bringing the game with nice pictures and excellent contrast.

If you want to know how to win in Fishmania video bingo, you should know that first you have to be lucky. Then, you have to have a strategy that exploits the game’s features.

This video bingo has a medium volatility. This means that the frequency and the values of the prizes can vary a lot. The good thing about it is that you can have a session without ups and downs for a long time.

With this characteristic, the best thing to do is to increase the values betted little by little so that the prizes can be interesting. Do this as you make a profit.

Always play with 4 active cards, this way every number drawn will be on one of them. Remember that “soft water on hard stone, will beat until it sticks”. So keep the same numbers for many rounds.

Be very careful with the extra balls so you don’t lose money. However, asking for extra balls can lead to a free ball or a wild ball in a row. Therefore, the cheaper balls outweigh the risk.

So, why not try out this and other games here on our site for free. That way you can put the best strategies into practice.

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